We are FUJI MACHINERY, an Automatic Packaging Machinery Company

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                    Company Outline

                    Since our establishment, FUJI MACHINERY has been a devoted manufacturer consistently making efforts to develop packaging technology, as well as to the production and sales of packing machinery.
                    Our first packaging machine was a caramel wrapping machine that went on sale in 1948.
                    After that, we continued to create packaging machinery for food and other various products, and today we have grown to be known as "Technological and High-quality FUJI", a leading company in the packaging machinery industry in Japan.

                    Firm Name
                    • FUJI MACHINERY CO.,LTD.
                    Our Services
                    • Development, production, and sales of various automatic packaging machinery
                    • January, 1946
                    Established as Stock Outline
                    • June, 1948
                    • President Yuki Ikuta
                    • 94,776,450 yen
                    Fiscal Year
                    • March (once annually)
                    • 669 (588 male, 81 female) as of April, 2020